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Office 2010 EOS

Microsoft is ending support (EOS) for Office 2010 in 14 months, on October 13, 2020. Following that date, technical support and fixes for bugs and security vulnerabilities will stop. Even though Office 2010 will continue working after EOS, but it will become less stable and more prone to exploits as time passes.

When you realize that many email phishing attacks send you an email message with an Office file or OLE object attached, hoping that you will click and open the file. Windows evaluates the file being opened and launches the default app for that file type. Say it’s a year later, and a Word file (.docx) is opened. Windows will launch Word 2010 and feed it the file. With an old un-supported Office, this user is asking for trouble if there are macros in the object or file.

There are two supported upgrade paths, and each has advantages:

  1. Office 2019 – perpetual license you own
  2. Office 365 – subscription you pay monthly, can install apps on multiple devices

Office 2019 is like buying a car. Maintenance may be covered but that eventually ends, after which you are fully responsible for handling any trouble. You can make any change to it and re-paint it a different color because your ownership is total and does not expire. After the warranty expires, deferring maintenance may save in the short term, but the repairs may compound and result it large bills to keep it running. Similarly, when Office support ends, consider upgrading to a current supported version to avoid expensive infections.

Office 365 is like leasing a car, where maintenance is covered and done regularly. All you own is your side of the lease contract, but that provides you rights of use and rights of support. Like a lease, you must pay the monthly bills or the subscription will end, and by paying, the Lessor must fulfill their part of the contract and keep it in good running order. You’ll also receive the latest versions when they are released, so you’ll always have the latest and greatest.

Office 365 Business Premium allows you to download the same apps you get with Office 2019, but also allows installation it on multiple devices that are used by the same person. Think of it as a subscription tied to the user, equipping all their devices with the same apps.

For laptop and mobile device users, the installed apps are superior to browser based “cloud” apps which require internet access to run. Both Office 2019 and some Office 365 subscriptions allow the apps to be downloaded and installed, which will work even without internet.

Another advantage of Office 365 is the availability of Exchange Online, Microsoft’s cloud hosted email service. Those with local Exchange Servers have invested heavily in hardware and software, but unfortunately both will become obsolete as they enter EOS. In contrast, Exchange Online is licensed per user through an Office 365 monthly subscription, bringing the cost down and the flexibility up without any hardware purchases.

Here are Microsoft’s Office 365 Offerings.

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