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Phoenix AMA Event

LeeShanok Network Solutions is thrilled to join MEB Management in attending the Arizona Multihousing Association Conference in Phoenix May 13th and 14th. This fairy tale themed trade show gives us a wonderful opportunity to show hundreds of people what we can do to help them. We’ve had such a great experience working with MEB Management, and this has given us a great deal of insight on what the unique needs are of this industry. As expectations continue to rise in what people look for in their housing communities, various companies may struggle to keep pace. We can bring modern, high-speed, comprehensive solutions for both work done within the offices as well as any provided network services to communities.

Cloud computing and virtualization have redefined the way we do business and have translated into network solutions for companies that take less space, time and money to operate. Additionally, multi-family housing is an excellent example of an industry that is typically too busy to handle the IT needs they have. We specialize in our excellent service which has taken the headache out of IT. We’re thrilled to bring those skills and services to the many individuals at this event who could benefit from it.

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