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Reid Park Zoo and LeeShanok

In early 2018 LeeShanok Network Solutions was chosen from a variety of competitors to manage the technology infrastructure of Reid Park Zoo (https://reidparkzoo.org/) and Reid Park Zoological Society.

There were many challenges to overcome as we designed and upgraded their technology infrastructure and campus-wide WiFi, but together we persevered and prevailed. Their CEO talks about their experiences in the following video testimonial (https://www.leeshanok.com/reid-park-zoo/).

Our local world-class zoo has lots of scheduled events that would be fun for team-building as well as family time (https://reidparkzoo.org/events/). We are happy to be partners with these two outstanding organizations, and to assist their team with the enrichment they bring to our community!

Your Technology Partner,

The Leeshanok Team

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