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SECURITY ADVISORY: Current Security Threat – VPNFilter Malware

Recently, the FBI has discovered a hacking threat that affects at least half a million wireless routers and other devices across the world. This malware creates a “botnet”, a group of connected devices that can launch an attack simultaneously, and also allows these devices to steal website credentials or can shut the appliance down completely. Because these devices do not have an Intrusion Protection System (IPS) or an anti-virus solution, they are easily exploited. Small home and office products as well as network-attached storage devices are affected.

The FBI recommends:

  • 1) Reboot these devices to disrupt and help identify affected appliances.
  • 2) Disable remote management settings.
  • 3) Secure appliances with a new, strong and encrypted password.
  • 4) Keep firmware up-to date.
  • 5) Optional: Completely reset the device.

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If you are not sure if one of your devices is affected, we can evaluate for best practices up to and including replacement of your network appliances with one of our recommended products. Contact us to schedule service.

LeeShanok takes IT security seriously and it is our duty to inform our clients about potential threats and vulnerabilities that can affect your business. LeeShanok is monitoring the current status of available updates and will continue to inform its clients of any new information.

If you have any questions or need assistance with checking and updating your devices, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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