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LeeShanok IT News: Microsoft 365 Outage Resolved

Tuesday afternoon (May 11), Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) experienced outages throughout Arizona and much of the world. When that issue was resolved, a secondary issue emerged where the body of an email message did not display or only partially displayed. Our team tried various workarounds, such as Quick Repair of Microsoft 365 Apps, re-starting Outlook email clients, and re-starting Exchange Servers. Nothing worked with most Outlook clients as the issue was on Microsoft’s Cloud side.Yesterday afternoon, our team discovered we could successfully access email by connecting through the Outlook Web App (web browser based) and with Outlook Mobile on Android and iPhone/iPad.The issue has been resolved this morning, however you may need to restart your Outlook client to resolve it at your desk. It’s a good time to describe these other methods to access your Microsoft 365 email account when your Outlook desktop software isn’t working.

Outlook Web App (OWA)

If you use Microsoft 365 for your email environment, you can connect to it using a Web Browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox). In most cases, if your email is “john@xyzcompany.com“, point your Web Browser to “https://mail.xyzcompany.com“, and log in with your email address and password. If you have 2-Factor Authentication set up, a push request will be sent to your mobile device, or your 2FA app on mobile device can generate a code you type in to the login screen in your Web Browser. The Outlook Web App has fewer features compared with the desktop app, but it also has Calendar and Contacts and is very functional. It’s worthwhile learning how to use this connection method.

Outlook Mobile App (Android, iPhone)
The Outlook Mobile App is available in Google Play Store for Android, and Apple Store for iPhone and iPad, and both are FREE for installing on mobile devices. In your store, search for “Outlook” and download the “Microsoft Outlook” app. The mobile app is free and can be connected to your Microsoft 365 email account. This mobile app continued to work through yesterday’s 2nd issue, where Outlook for the desktop PC stopped displaying messages. Contact LeeShanok’s team for assistance connecting Outlook Mobile to your Microsoft 365 email account.

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