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Lock Your Computer’s Door

When you leave home, you lock the door or close the garage. When you walk away from your computer, do you lock the display? Probably not.

In Windows 10, your display automatically locks after 10 minutes, which gives plenty of time for open windows to be inspected. One touch of the mouse or keyboard and the screen lock timer resets, providing another 10 minutes. It doesn’t take long for someone to run a search and email the findings off-site or upload them to a cloud account. They may connect a browser to a risky website or delete important folders.

Even a quick trip to the coffee station can be interrupted by a crisis that delays your return. When unattended, all computers should be:

  • Off
  • Asleep
  • Display off and computer locked

Don’t have time to lock your computer? Try this:

Some industries have serious compliance regulations and penalties. This policy protects you and your employer, customers and suppliers.

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