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Social Media Attacks

We all love social media, but in the era of Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, LinkedIn, and Instagram, do you really know what information you have floating around on the Internet? Attackers in today’s digital age are incredibly clever. Just because you consider something innocuous information, doesn’t mean a hacker can’t leverage it to their benefit.

As you saw in the video, something as simple as where you went to college can give an attacker an air of credibility. Don’t think you’d fall for that? Let’s look at another example. Have you publicly posted the names of your kids? What about where they go to school? Both of these are common tidbits of information that can be found on social media. Now what if somebody called saying they’re from your child’s school, and they’re refreshing their records. Would you give them your cell number? Email? Home address? What if they told you one of your kids had an accident and you needed to come pick them up; could they get you to leave your office unattended?

Now, anecdotes like these are not meant to leave you cowering in fear. However, it’s important to note that even information that may seem unimportant to you can be a treasure trove to an attacker.


Don’t overshare on social media! The less the world knows, the less can be used against you.

Look at email addresses closely to make sure they are from who you think they’re from. Just because it has privileged information in it does not automatically make it authentic.

Call back. If someone wants information over the phone, or has called and asked you to do something, call them back. Just because they sound official doesn’t mean they are! Use a number you already have for the school/ company/ partner you are talking to. Then you know you’re dialing the real thing.

Change login information often! Social media is a prime target for hackers. Change your passwords on a regular basis, and make sure to use something complex.

We will be presenting all these 2ps and a plethora more in our upcoming “Security Lunch & Learn” so stay tuned for more information on that event coming up in March!

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