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LeeShanok IT News: Pwned Email Addresses

Email phishing continues and a recent attack uses the Emotet botnet to capture a user’s email credentials, but only if the user opens the attachment or clicks the embedded URL link. The FBI considered this campaign of such importance that they are now actively alerting affected users of their breach. More information can be found here:

Most of us enter our email address as the username when creating accounts at various websites. If those websites have been hit by a data breach, thousands or millions of email addresses with passwords may have been captured and eventually find their way into credential databases for sale in the Dark Web. To search for all instances of your credentials at any and all websites that show up in the Dark Web, LeeShanok offers a more complete search. This enables each user to change their password at those website accounts.

We offer a single FREE Dark Web Scan of your company’s email domain and all associated email addresses (https://www.leeshanok.com/free-dark-web-scan/). We also offer round-the-clock email domain monitoring so new instances of any of your team’s email credentials in the Dark Web will be immediately reported and can be handled by your team or with LeeShanok’s assistance (https://www.leeshanok.com/services/dark-web-monitoring/). Contact your account manager at LeeShanok to schedule a FREE scan or to discuss our 24/7 monitoring.

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